Lawn service worker finds dog malnourished with lacerations to genitalia

You will hear and see plenty of dogs in a Cape Coral neighborhood.

“I have a dog myself,” Greg Kleist said. “I would never in a million years treat my dog like that.”

But on Tuesday, a lawn service worker came across a heartbreaking scene on SW 22nd Ln. It was a dog underfed and hurt.

Police officers said the dog looked like he had not been fed in a while. The furry animal had an injured front leg and it looked like someone or something cut the dog’s genitals.

“That sounds like something out of a horror film,” said Asad Hafeez, a neighbor. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“I can’t imagine anybody doing something like that to a dog,” said Michael Gilbert, a neighbor.

A police report said the officers found two more dogs inside the home that was filled with feces and urine. Animal control officers took away the dog that was hurt but left the other two “in good health” behind.

Neighbors and dog owners are surprised to hear about the conditions the dogs were living in.

“It’s sickening,” Gilbert said. “We spoil them. We don’t treat them bad.”

“I just think it’s horrible,” Kleist said. “I mean if you’re not going to treat an animal well, then why have one? It’s kind of ridiculous.”

Reporter:Taylor Petras
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