Police search for man accused of flashing unsuspecting victims

A flasher on the run!

For the second time in less than a week, Cape Coral Police Department received calls about a man exposing himself along Del Prado Blvd. and police think it may be the same guy.

Both incidents happened in a busy part of Cape Coral where family businesses line the roadway.

”If my kids were to see that,” said Jenna Givens, “they’d be like, ‘mom, what in the world is that guy doing?'”

It’s not something Givens wants to explain to her two young boys.

”My kids would be scarred for life,” Givens said.

On Tuesday evening, an incident happened at a bench near Payless Shoe store where Givens was shopping Wednesday.

The first incident happened Friday just down the street in front of a Pep Boys Auto Shop, where a witness reported seeing a man on a bench with his hands in his shorts.

In the first report, a woman was waiting at the bus stop. She said the man got up and walked towards her, but scurried off when she called the police.

The man was seen leaving in an older model burgundy, four-door sedan. In both cases, it was around 10 p.m.

”It’s really important that police catch this guy because for the sole fact that we have families and kids out here,” said Antonio Boccio, a Pep Boys store manager. “This is someone that we need to have behind bars. Not going around town causing mayhem like this.”

Reporter:Gina Tomlinson
Rich Kolko
Writer:Michael Mora
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