Family says teens fired pellets into truck with driver inside

A Cape Coral family said teenagers fired a pellet gun into their car window with someone in the driver’s seat.

The incident happened along Santa Barbara and Gleason Parkway just south of Veterans Parkway in Cape. It left the family with more than a few bills, and they said it’s time the crime problem stopped.

“It shattered out the whole back window,” Dawn Hernandez said. “We had our company name on the back and everything.”

Dawn and Orlando Hernandez said they will have to pay hundreds of dollars to repair their family’s business truck after someone shot up the back window with someone in the driver’s seat.

Dawn said their employee was at a stop sign in the area of Cape Coral when three teenagers in a different car started following the truck.

”They started ramming toward the back of the trailer like they were going to hit it,” Dawn said.

From there, they said the confrontation quickly escalated.

“The kid in the back seat opened up the backdoor and shot out the back window with a pellet gun,’ Dawn said.

This is not a fix the Hernandez’s planned for.

“I got a lot of work, and I’m hurt,” Orlando said. “I need to do an operation and could sure use some help, and this thing is not helping.”

The family said the teens were seen in a burgundy four-door car.

“Nowadays, we have all the break-ins with teenagers and stuff like that,” Dawn said. “So it’s kind of scary what they’re out there doing.”

The couple hopes Cape Coral Police Department can catch the three teens and teach them a lesson when they do.

Luckily, our driver was paying attention to what was going on and wasn’t going fast,” Dawn said. “But someone else, they could have been scared, swerved off the road, hit someone. It could have ended a lot worse than what it did.”

Reporter:Gina Tomlinson
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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