Mugshot of John Toddy, 55. (Credit: Collier County Sheriff's Office)
Mugshot of John Toddy, 55. (Credit: Collier County Sheriff's Office)

Florida man disrupts restaurant, tells officers ‘go to Dunkin’ Donuts’

A Florida man was disrupting a Naples restaurant, standing on chairs while sticking out his middle finger and shouting at customers before his arrest, deputies say.

The suspect, John Toddy, 55, faces a Disorderly Intoxication charge.

The manager of the Latino America Restaurant on Collier Boulevard said Toddy began slamming the menu sign outside the establishment, according to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

Then, Toddy entered the restaurant, stood up on chairs and stuck his middle finger toward patrons while shouting and cursing at everyone.

Deputies described Toddy as having bloodshot watery eyes and slurred speech when they arrived, per the arrest report.

Before arresting Toddy — placing him in handcuffs and taking him to Naples Jail Center –he told deputies when they confronted him, “get back in your [expletive] car and go to Dunkin’ Donuts.”

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