Sizzle Southwest Florida: Delicious seafood at Sails Restaurant

One of the big benefits of restaurant week is eating out at establishments that might not fit your budget. Sails in Downtown Naples is one of those places, with a three-course meal that will tempt your taste buds without breaking your wallet.

Fish from around the world is flown in every day to Sails Restaurant as it has its import license. Jacob Jasinski, Sails Restaurant executive chef, said their specialty is seafood.

“We bring them in fresh from Spain every single day, little red prawns,” said Velko Pavicevic, Sails Restaurant general manager. “Then, from New Zealand, we bring these prawns. What we have is a Greek fish.

“We’re the only restaurant to my knowledge that has this [import license] on this coast,” Jasinski said. “We’re able to procure the best possible products globally for our customers every single day.”

Some of the delicious foods patrons can eat are its soft shell crab.

“Soft shell crabs are in season,” Jasinski said.

While it is offering diners a delectable taste of international waters in their backyard, the way the restaurant cooks the food distinguishes it from its competitors.

“Our custom wood-burning European, cherry wood grill,” Pavicevic said. “The flavor is just amazing.”

Reporter:Melinda Lee
Writer:Michael Mora
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