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School in Collier County ends Thursday, eye still on safety in more ways than one

Collier County students will walk into class for the last time Thursday until next school year.

The Collier County Public School district says safety was a big focus this year and will continue to be in the future, and there’s some more changes you can expect going into the fall.

Looking back, father Rudy Fitzer tells WINK News he’s happy with how this school year went for his children who go to schools in Collier County, “I like their scheduling I really have no complaints.”

Fitzer says he’s especially pleased with the new safety measures, “You have to show your ID when you go in and out.”

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Not only did CCPS add extra security like video doorbells and student ID badges. They also focused on mental health with 30 to 60 day check ins for new students and buddy benches at the elementary schools.

CCPS was just named a district of distinction last week, and academically – their graduation rate went up more than 19 percent over the past seven years.

Superintendent Dr. Kamela Patton credits that to dedicated teachers and staff.

“Really taking a look at every individual child and thinking what does that child need to cross that stage,” Dr. Patton said. “When they know you care about them first, the academics will follow.”

Looking ahead to next school year, they have minor projects they’re working on like painting and playground repairs, as well as prepping for a brand new high school scheduled to open in 2023

Dr. Patton said “It’s exciting to know we have not had a new high school now in 13 years so for us that’s big news.”

The superintendent also says if you’re worried about keeping your children busy this summer search “keep learning alive” on the schools website, or click here.

It has resources and breaks down things for students to do by grade and subject.

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