Simultaneous break-ins at owner’s computer liquidation stores

Glass shattered and a door left in shambles. That is what Fernando Beltran found at his computer store after coming back from a family vacation.

”When I looked in, I basically ran out of air,” Beltran said. “I knew everything that was there for us to make a living was just gone.”

Thousands of dollars in cellphones, laptops and electronic equipment are gone. Inventory stolen not just from his family’s store in Cape Coral, but also their San Carlos location.

”Yeah it puts us in a rough spot,” Beltran said. “I have myself…we’re about to have our four children…fourth child…and its definitely something we didn’t expect.”

Security cameras were not recording overnight when both stores were ransacked. But WINK News Safety and Security specialist Rich Kolko suspects whoever is behind the double break-ins has been here before. He said hitting these two stores at the same time was suspicious.

“Hopefully they got serial numbers, model numbers, get that information out and its possible that some of this will show up being fenced,” Kolko said. “That may also provide some information so law enforcement can track these people down.”

As for Beltran, he is upping security.

”Just got to move forward,” Beltran said. “I’m glad that my wife and kids are fine…and no one was here in that moment. I’m just glad about that.”

Reporter:Gina Tomlinson
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