Human trafficking victim uses her tragedy to help others

A sex trafficking survivor says the power of faith is what keeps her moving forward with a message of hope.

Audra Hill says unspeakable horrors in her childhood led her to be forced into human trafficking for sex and addicted to drugs.

“I didn’t understand anything at that age, just pain,” Hill said.

Then her life started to turn in a better direction when she met her future husband and her life changed, although the healing process had just started.

“Finding family and a stable home didn’t erase all the hurt and trauma that I carried,” she explained.

But he did provide her the courage to make a fresh start.

Hill runs a second-hand boutique in Fort Myers called Fig Leaf. The boutique is part of Into the Jordan Ministries, a faith-based nonprofit that helps trafficking survivors. She also teaches life skills classes at Jordan Ministries.

“If I hadn’t been through what I’ve been through, how could I help somebody else and really understand their hurt?” Hill said.

She even puts together emergency knapsacks filled with toiletries and other basic supplies that she hands out to trafficked women in need.

“You just want to pour out everything that you’ve learned,” she said. “You want to share every little piece of hope that you’ve learned, you just want to give it to them and let them know there is a way.”

Hill says she is grateful for every day and for the unwavering support of the nonprofit, which gives her purpose, “They showed me a love that I never understood and that’s what makes me want to fight more today for this life.”

If you or anyone you know needs help tell them to visit the Human Trafficking Hotline for assistance.

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