Persistent violence frightens Lee County neighbors

After another round of violence, a Fort Myers councilperson said it is time to break the silence.

Last night was the first time since the weekend Fort Myers Police and the Lee County Sheriff’s Office did not have to respond to a shooting. Now, a councilperson said it is time for everyone to speak up to put an end to the violence.

Five shootings in less than a week. Four in Fort Myers and homicide in Lee County. Crime scenes rattled quiet neighborhoods.

“It shouldn’t have to be this way,” said Shannon Hertog, who lives in Lee County.

“It scares me to be in this park today,” said Pamela Bonacasa, a Fort Myers resident.

Many people are hesitant to leave their homes.

“Anybody can get hit,” said Dock Brown, a Fort Myers resident. “When you’re shooting at a person like that and they’re shooting back. Anybody, a bystander, can get hit or killed, you never know.”

We reached out to LCSO, but it declined our request for an interview. We’re told the Mayor wasn’t in the office today or wasn’t available.

Johnny Streets, a Fort Myers councilperson, said the shootings concern him as anyone could be a bystander in these crimes.

“To me, it’s not normal,” Streets said. “To me, it says that we still have some serious issues and these issues will continue.”

Streets said city leaders and law enforcement need to communicate better with the people living right in the crossfire.

“How do you get cooperation from the people?” Streets said. “Well, first of all, people need to have somebody that they’re confident in talking to.”

Reporter:Taylor Petras
Writer:Michael Mora
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