Unredacted report shows what happened after the hit-and-run death of Layla Aiken

A driver accused of a fatal Cape Coral hit-and run death was booked into jail on Thursday and made his first appearance in front of a judge Friday morning.

Layla Aiken, 8, died after she was hit by a vehicle while waiting for her school bus on March 25. That truck was traced back to ABC Supply Co. where Logan Hetherington, 19, works.

Hetherington was arrested Thursday and was later released.

The judge set bail at $133,000 for four separate charges Friday. $100,000 for a homicide charge, $30,000 for the hit-and-run charge, $1,500 for a drug equipment charge and $1,500 for a marijuana charge.

Hetherington posted a surety bail bond shortly after the hearing, allowing him to be released until his next court appearance on June 24.

According to the unredacted arrest report, DNA evidence from the exterior of Hetherington’s vehicle where there was damage, linked the truck to Layla. The height of the damage was also consistent to where she was sitting on the ground.

Text messages between Hetherington and his girlfriend show that he was aware he and his vehicle were suspect in the incident as early at 9 a.m. the day of the crash.

The report goes on to say Hetherington texted his girlfriend after the crash saying, “Baby, I looked on the news and it’s the road we’re (sic) I take the back way”, “It was the back street road I took this morning”, and “I’m going to f*****g jail.”

Logan Tyler Hetherington, 19

When asked by his girlfriend if he was “smoking or anything?”, he replied that he didn’t even smoke his pen until he arrived in Lehigh Acres. Hetherington also allegedly said in the text messages “I got my iPhone box in my truck” which investigators later found marijuana in.

When Hetherington found out about a possible search warrant for his pickup, and that his EDR would be downloaded, sometimes referred to as an automotive “black box”, the report says he started Google searches about it. Some of those searches included “What does the computer in a car do?” and “How hard do you have to hit a car to set off impact sensor”.

We know Hetherington has been in trouble on the road in the past. He went to traffic school in 2017 for speeding. Last year, he pleaded guilty to failing to yield at a four-way stop.

The morning of the crash cameras from nearby homes captured him failing to stop at three separate intersections, according to the report.

At 6:15 a.m. a surveillance camera at a home on NE 19th Ter. captured the moment the the Dodge Ram pickup struck Layla.

Police say in the hours and days after the crash Logan Hetherington, his father, and girlfriend “appear to coordinate their story with each other and indicate that they would not answer questions from the police.”

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