FPL prepping Southwest Florida for 2019 hurricane season

Southwest Florida still feels effects from Hurricane Irma in 2017. With another storm season nearing, a major power company is preparing and working toward preventative measures for home safety.

Florida Power & Light is taking proactive steps to keep lights on and our homes safe leading toward 2019 hurricane season.

FPL is trimming trees away from power lines.

“Trees were the number-one cause of outages during Hurricane Irma, “said Bill Orlove with FPL. “Now before hurricane season, it’s a good time to look at your home, look at your landscaping, take the time now to trim your trees.”

And coming up with ways to repair storm damage as quickly as possible with the use of technology like drones.

“If there’s a flooded area, before waiting for the water to subside, we can take a drone and fly it into that community or area to assess the damage,” said Eric Schwartz with FPL.

Mark Moravec remembers the aftermath of Irma in his Island Park neighborhood.

“The flooding was about 15 feet,” Moravec said. “I think from my front door.”

Moravec went without power for more than a week. That’s why he takes storm prep seriously.

“I make sure my generators are ready to go,” Moravec said.

Jo Ann Kowlaski, another Island Park homeowner, hopes she won’t have damage. So, she’s doing what she can now to prepare.

“We do have people that come and do yard work,” Kowlaski. “So we do ask them to cut back the trees and make sure that’s taken care of away from the power lines and windows and stuff.”

Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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