Thief steals specially-made tricycle from boy with developmental disabilities

Now, to the heartless thief.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office said someone stole a specially-made tricycle from the family of a boy. The child, who has developmental disabilities, builds stronger muscles by riding the bike.

These specialized tricycles do not come cheap. It will cost thousands of dollars to replace it. On Wednesday, CCSO posted the theft on its Facebook page, believing social media would help spread the word fast and hopefully generate some leads.

Nothing on that yet.

But the child’s mother refused money from people who offered to donate it replace the bike. She said she wants her son’s bicycle back.

“They’re able to be their normal person and be able to play,” Ryan Gorbutt said. “Now, they don’t have that and it’s not something you can go to Walmart and pick up and be able to have again.”

We reached out to the boy’s family, but so far, there has been no response.

Writer:Michael Mora
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