Tornado damages home in Tice Monday

A waterspout formed over the Caloosahatchee River and moved ashore as a tornado in Tice, causing damage to a home Monday.

Neighbors at Tice Mobile Home Court say it all happened very quick, around 7 p.m. The roof and lanai was blown off a neighbor’s mobile home on New York Drive. Patio furniture was thrown across the mobile home park by the tornado.

Nearby neighbors said it was raining, windy and then pieces of debris could be heard flying about. They came outside and found everything torn up and said it’s a financial tragedy for the neighborhood.

Many people came together to help out the homeowners with the damage.

“Just trying to get everything picked up and set to one side, out of the way,” Donald Luski said. “We’ll try and find some tarps for him and put some tarps over what will be his ceiling.”

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