Elementary school counselor delivers nutritious food to hungry students

For two years now, Kim Conrad sings and dances as she delivers nutrition to hungry school children, sparking smiles in every classroom she visits with her special deliveries.

“Helping people has always been my mantra,” Conrad said. “There’s always somebody that could use something.”

As a counselor at G. Weaver Hipps Elementary School in Lehigh Acres, Conrad saw a need to help feed families over the summer months when the school cafeteria is no longer open. She pitched a peanut butter and jelly drive last year and it was a huge success.

Kim Conrad sings as she delivers nutritious foods. (Credit: WINK News)
Kim Conrad sings as she delivers nutritious foods. (Credit: WINK News)

“I was thinking about the parents trying to feed their kids,” Conrad said. “Lehigh has only one food pantry. If they don’t have a mobile food pantry, where are they gonna go? If they don’t have means for transportation, it’s very hard for them.”

This week, every single student at Conrad’s school took home a bag full of non-perishable food items, many jars donated by community businesses in Lehigh Acres including Save-A-Lot, Coldwell Bankers, Healthy Harvest Farms, and more.

“We probably have 1,000 jars of jelly and at least 950 jars of peanut butter!” Conrad said.

Volunteers, including those with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, have helped Conrad deliver the bags full of nutrition to each classroom. It is a tradition she plans to continue every year as the drive’s organizer as she continues inspiring people.

Conrad said the next step is keeping more food on site at the school to feed families that fall on hard times and could use the help.

“I just think people need to think about who they can help in the community, look around,” Conrad said.

Reporter:Melinda Lee
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