Surviving the Summer: Finding a side hustle to make extra cash

With only a few weeks left in school, many educators will have more time on their hands. WINK News helps you break down how you can make some extra cash using your talents outside the classroom.

Lemy Chatelier is a school counselor at Palmetto Ridge High School, but over the summer he is a DJ to make himself some extra cash.

“They hear here and there and they are like oh my goodness, my school counselor’s a DJ, I can’t believe it…it’s something you don’t hear every day,” said Chatelier.

Side hustles like this are not uncommon when it comes to school faculty over the summer time.

“I’ve had to watch educators, not just school counselors but also teachers really struggle,” said FGCU school counseling director Russell Sabella.

Sabella published a book back in February which discusses the growing phenomenon of educators with side hustles.

It’s a way for teachers and staff to pick up extra cash, but the benefits don’t end there.

“They are more focused, they’re more creative, they are happier and in fact we think they are more apt to stay in their job at school counselor or teacher because of that,” said Sabella.

Sabella also says that successfully juggling your commitment starts with finding a balance that’s right for you.

Some other options for summer side hustles are rent out an Air BNB, house sit a vacant home for seasonal residents who go on vacation, and if you enjoy working from home, there is tutoring, amazon customer service, and paid online surveys.




Reporter:Janae Muchmore
Writer:Lincoln Saunders
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