Daughter wants justice for father killed in Cape Coral hit-and-run

We are learning more about a man, who was a veteran, a father and beloved community, killed in a recent hit-in-run crash. The daughter of the veteran said she will not rest until justice is served.

On Friday, Gregory Moore died while crossing the street in Cape Coral. A driver hit him and took off.  

“I just started crying,” Ivy Moore said. “It was horrific. Nobody wants to go through that. And they told me he was hit by a hit-and-run. And I was like what kind of person would hit somebody and keep going?’ 

Cape Coral Police Department said a driver hit Moore at the intersection of Cape Coral Parkway and Coranado Parkway and then left the scene.  

CPD said it has a person of interest. But no arrest has been made.  

“I am going to press charges because nobody should do something like that,” Ivy said.  

Ivy wants to thank people like Leroy Bolton.  

“He would come out and say hello to everybody that walked along this street,” Bolton said.  

Ivy lives out of state said she is flying into town Tuesday, and there will likely be a memorial for her father this week.  

Ivy also wants to thank the community for its outreach and support.  

“I know my dad had so much love in Cape Coral, Florida,” Ivy said. “And I appreciate everybody who knew him and all the love that they gave.” 

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Reporter:Morgan Rynor
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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