Worst Southwest Florida traffic spots

WINK News wanted to know which Southwest Florida areas you thought were the worst for traffic and what our leaders should do about it. More than 140 of you shared your ideas. Now, we are digging deeper.

We are on Colonial Blvd. near U.S. 41, which is one of the busiest spots several of you told us about on Facebook. We are heading into the busiest part of the day, when it is clear that Southwest Florida’s growing and so is the traffic.

Also topping the list for many drivers, the Midpoint and Cape Coral bridges, which are particularly nasty in rush hour. Several of our viewers complained about Immokalee Road whether it is accidents or traffic congestion.

But the one spot we heard about the most is the intersection of Six Mile Cypress and Gladiolus. People told us it is not just unpleasant, but that it feels dangerous. They added, they will do anything to get around it.

“We try to avoid them 41 and Gladiolus,” Marylou Mullins said. “We really try to avoid that intersection .. it’s just jammed traffic and when you have a lot of people that aren’t familiar with that intersection the site lines aren’t good.”

“That areas real busy,” Cindy James said. “Very, very, busy. I would not want to be crossing over there to try to turn in everything it’s busy.”

Speeding on Interstate 75

On I-75, many told WINK News it is speeding, not enough exits or the need for carpool lanes, which makes the roadway among the worst traffic spots in Southwest Florida.

Many people described I-75 as fast and not fun. Some have asked why more state troopers are not on the roadway to stop speeding.

Florida Highway Patrol said while you may not always see them, they are there often in unmarked cars and now, using aircraft to detect speeders and aggressive drivers.

Many also asked about more exits, adding another lane, along with including HOV or carpool to ease traffic. Studies are happening right now for potential fixes on I-75.

Reporter:Anika Henanger
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