Two men arrested for shooting during Fly Lounge parking lot dispute

Fort Myers Police Department says they have two men in custody for shooting a gun in the parking lot of the Fly Lounge in Fort Myers.

According to FMPD, officers were monitoring the parking area of the Fly Lounge, 2158 Colonial Boulevard, around 1:20 a.m. on Friday morning, when they heard gunshots.

Officers responded and came upon two men, Elier Vasquez, 21, and Peter Ramirez, 26, kicking and punching a white four-door vehicle. The men were ordered to stop but ignored the officer’s commands at first and continued to strike the vehicle until taken down by the police.

Afterwards the parking lot was searched for evidence and officers found a gray Volkswagen registered to Vasquez with a bullet hole in a side door and a black handgun in the front passenger side in plain view.

Officers cleared the parking lot of the bystanders and secured the crime scene after confirming there were no gunshot victims. The VW and handgun were confiscated pending further investigation.

Vasquez and Ramirez were both placed under arrest for disturbing the peace.

Elier Vasquez. Photo via FMPD
Peter Ramirez. Photo via FMPD
Reporter:Nicole Lauren
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