Naples looks to add high-tech traffic lights that sync with your car to help traffic flow

In an attempt to improve traffic conditions in Naples, the city has proposed adding high-tech traffic lights that sync with Bluetooth inside cars to determine how much congestion is building up at a busy intersection.

Naples is looking to update 40 traffic signals with the new technology, which will reduce the build up, and ease the flow of traffic.

The new software would use the Bluetooth in cars to notify the city about how many cars are at an intersection, and how long it takes each car to get from signal to signal.

The city also said the new 360 degree cameras could also help with real-time video of intersections.

Residents of Naples say if it makes traffic move faster, they think it’s a good thing.

“If they have some ability to monitor through video, and see what intersections are and how busy they are, and be able to time it, that would be good,” said Terry Schmitz.

The cost of the new technology would be about $130,000, and the city would need to purchase the equipment by June 2020.



Reporter:Nicole Lauren
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