Protesters demand action at city council meeting after an 8-year-old dies

Dozens poured into a Cape Coral city hall where many were wearing matching t-shirts as they demand changes to the school bus stops.

This council meeting is the first since Layla Aiken, 8, was hit and killed while she was waiting for her school bus last week. Since her death, there have been no arrest nor new answers after investigators said a red pickup truck hit the little girl.

The city’s Northwest Neighborhood Association put together a list of changes to present to the council. It points out a lack of streetlights in northeast and northwest Cape Coral. It also calls for four-way stop signs and benches at school bus stops.

Dave Stokes, a council member, said he also plans to drum up support for safer stops. In a statement, he said in part that he “would like to institute a city-wide school bus bench program and increase the amount budgeted for streetlights and sidewalks in Cape Coral.”

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