Investigators searching for animal abusers as humane society heals dogs

Investigators want to know who hurt a dog. The canine is in the care of Gulf Coast Humane Society in Fort Myers. It is apparent the dog suffered serious injuries.

At first glance, Duncan looks like any other dog — happy playful and hungry for treats. But there is much more behind his wagging tail.

“Really, it was literally from the neck up, you know his ears from the top of his ears,” said Brian Wierima with the humane society. “They were deep gashes, severe deep gashes underneath his left eye. It was almost like a 2 x 3, 2 x 4 gash.”

Duncan came to Gulf Coast Human Society from Hendry County this week with serious injuries consistent with animal abuse.

“Very malnourished,” Wierima said. “The latter ribs showing.”

The humane society believes Duncan could have been a bait dog.

“Also matches the profile of a bait dog,” Wierima said. “He is a lovable, kind. Just, you know, he loves people.”

But, Duncan’s not the only one.

“Monthly, you know on average four to five at least,” Wierima said. “And that’s just us for numbers, just Gulf Coast Humane Society. There’s many other shelters there that are seeing four or five, six, seven cases a month.”

Dogs Henry and Huckleberry also came to the human society with possible abuse injuries this week.

“Huckleberry is a one-year-old hound,” Wierima said. “And he had a fractured left radius, so one of his larger bones.”

Duncan, Huckleberry and Henry will be available for adoption after a full recovery. The humane society said they’re all doing well and on the road to a healthy recovery.

Gulf Coast Humane Society and other shelters want to find the abusers, asking the community, “if you see something, say something.”

“Let’s be the voice for the voiceless,” Wierima said.

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