FGCU students study lunar samples

Giving college students a chance to look at pieces of the Moon and artifacts from space, FGCU professors are inspiring a new generation of scientists.

On Wednesday, students at FGCU studied lunar samples and meteorites on loan from NASA.

Professor Michael Fauerbach, who teaches physics and astronomy, hosted the presentation along with other professors on campus.

They discussed the Apollo missions, as we mark the fiftieth anniversary if the first time men walked on the moon,

“When we talk about the space program, we have to start thinking about why did we go to the moon and what happened?” Fauerbach said. “And it was really a space race between the Soviet Union and the United States. For a very long time, it didn’t look good for the United States because the Russians were the first in everything.”

You can celebrate our nation’s history in space at the upcoming Naples Space Festival that starts Monday, April 15 in Naples. It will gather NASA experts among other guest speakers.

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Reporter:Bob Irzyk