Probable cause found in case against man accused of killing his father 70 miles off shore

Law enforcement sent out a release claiming they had probable cause to charge Casey Hickok for the alleged murder of his father Robert Hickok, that happened on Monday, March 18.

According to the press release, Hickok claims that his father repeatedly raped him and other family members when they were young, and that he attempted to do the same on the night he was allegedly murdered.

This claim was disputed by another member of the boat, Yamer Perez, that said he witnessed Robert sleeping just before the incident happened.

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Perez says he was making repairs to the vessel’s alternator, which at the time of the incident was disassembled.

Casey and Perez were allegedly the only two awake on the boat, while Robert slept in a bunk. Perez claims there was a second alternator being used as parts, that Casey grabbed and used took into the ship where Robert was sleeping.

He claimed there was a noise of the alternator slamming near the vicinity of Robert, then he looked up to see Casey slam the second alternator into the head of Robert two times.

Perez also claimed that he saw Casey walk out from under the berth area of the ship holding a hammer, which he may have also used to hit Robert with.

Perez said he immediately tried to help Robert, but felt his head had a soft spot and felt crushed.

The press release states that immediately following the incident, Casey claimed that he was raped by Robert, before throwing the spare alternator out the window of the boat.

Perez immediately called the Coast Guard to alert them of the situation, but did not reveal the extent of the situation out of fear of what Casey might do to him, according to the report.

Casey denied to be interviewed without a lawyer present, once returning to shore.

The Forensic Investigator stated that Robert had blunt force trauma to the right side and rear side of his head, with several lacerations, as well as some missing teeth.

The report says that based on the provided information, there is probable cause that Casey unlawfully killed his father.



Writer:Lincoln Saunders
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