Top cleaning mistakes that are making your job harder

Cleaning is no fun and has to be done but you could be making mistakes that are making your job harder than it has to be. Michelle Spitzer, owner of MaidPro of SW Florida offers some advice.

Mistake No.1) Cleaning with dirty supplies

  • Empty your vacuum
  • Wash your rags
  • Disinfect sponges

“You want to make sure what you’re cleaning with is clean. Especially your sponges.
A good way to clean your sponge is to moisten the sponge and put it in the microwave for a minute,” Spitzer said.

Mistake No. 2) Spraying directly on surfaces

Spray cleaners and polish into your rag. Not on your surface.

That’s a big no no, she says, “Because what happens is you end up having a lot of build up and that build up does the opposite. It attracts more dust on the surface.”

Mistake No. 3) Using one cloth

Use multiple cloths or rags to avoid cross contamination on surfaces.

“A good solution to make sure you keep your cleaning clothes in the right place —
We use white clothes in the bathroom, blue in the kitchen and that makes sure we’re not cross contaminating,” Spitzer said. You’re just bringing bathroom germs in to the kitchen.

Reporter:Allison Gormly