Sheriff says drug overdoses are down in Collier County

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office announced Monday, deadly overdoses are down so far this year despite the raging opioid crisis.

“We do not tolerate drugs in Collier County,” Collier Sheriff Kevin Rambosk said. “We will do everything that we can to stop them from coming into the county or going through the county or being used by residents of the county.”

Jean Regalie lost her child to poioids in Collier last year. Her son was 30 years old.

“This was a person that was so talented,” Regalie said. “He was a talented athlete. He loved to cook with his dad in particular.”

Rambosk believes there is hope for 2019 thanks to the life-saving drug Narcan.

“The deployment of Narcan in Collier County is and has already begun to show a reduction in overdose deaths,” Rambosk said.

  • In 2018, deputies responded to 173 overdoses in Collier — 31 of them fatal.
  • In 2019, Collier deputies have handled 59 overdoes with two of the fatal.

“The numbers are reflecting the wider availability of the medicine,” Rambosk said. “And that it works.”

The sheriff warns the public to use Narcan responsibly. Only administer it if necessary, and call 911 if possible before giving it.

Dr. Michael Aquino, who runs Naples Pharmacy, said Narcan is sold over the counter, and any pharmacist will train a customer how to use it.

“We’re seeing it saving lives just from the availability of it,” Aquino said.