North Fort Myers man seeks to overturn murder conviction

A man found guilty of killing his ex-girlfriend’s child in 2017 is seeking to overturn his conviction in court.

In February, Damien Palmer, 24 was convicted for the death of 2-year-old Chevy Catalano. Palmer will appear in court Monday in an attempt to overturn the court decision.

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Palmer’s lawyers plan to argue the evidence doesn’t match the conviction.

During the trial in February, Palmer said Catalano injured himself on a trampoline, but doctors said the wounds Catalano was treated for were suspect for child abuse.

It’s unlikely for Palmer to be granted an appeal in court. If the case did move to a higher court for a new trial, the chances would grow even slimmer for that court to overturn his conviction.

If the appeal is not approved tomorrow, Palmer’s sentencing is scheduled Monday, April 8.

Palmer was found gulity of Second-Degree Murder and Aggravate Child Abuse. He faces life in prison.

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Reporter:Morgan Rynor
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