Matt Buchanan/ MGN

Criminals pretend to be from an Apple store in new phishing scam

Reports of a phishing scam from someone pretending to be from Apple Inc. is going around to residents in Cape Coral and other locations.

Police say even at least one law enforcement officer received five calls from the scammer.

The number on the caller ID is an actual Apple Store located in Miami but the call is not actually originating from that store.

There are apps that can mimic another phone number when someone calls you making it appear legitimate even if you Google the number.

The caller is an automated robotic voice saying that your iCloud account has been compromised and you should press 1 to get in touch with an Apple customer service agent.

Police warn not to fall for this scam.

Contact with the actual Apple Store has the below message acknowledging unsolicited scam calls.

Follow the directions given by Apple in the recording below and do not become a victim of these criminals!

You can contact Apple customer service at 1 (800) MY–APPLE / 1-800–692–7753.

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