Sportscaster Warner Wolf talks about why he vandalized a sign in Naples

American TV and radio sports broadcaster  known for his famous voice, Warner Wolf, explains why he removed letters from a sign that ended in an arrest.

In November, Wolf was seen hopping into a fountain at Classics Plantation Estate, then using a tool he popped the letters off that spelled “PLANTATION”.

Wolf then put the letters in a bag and handed them to the attendant at the gate.


He said, seeing that word, and knowing its connotation, “Enough was enough.” And he felt since nothing was being done, he needed to do something about it.

“The last thing I had in mind was that my notoriety would make it a big deal,” Wolf said. “I was just a citizen, retired former broadcaster, but that was another life. This was just as a concerned homeowner. I just — I don’t live on a Plantation. That bothered me”

Warner completed a diversion program and was not criminally charged.

Watch the full interview with Wolf above.


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