Naples taxi driver arrested for DUI and crash in Golden Gate

A man was arrested for drunk driving and causing a car crash in Collier County Saturday.

Collier County Sheriff’s Office arrested Henry Lisard Alvarez-Barillas, 32, for driving under the influence and causing a crash on Sunshine Boulevard and 23rd Avenue SW in Golden Gate.

According to the CCSO deputy arrest report, a deputy arrived to the scene of the crash and interviewed both drivers. It was determined Alvarez, a driver for a taxi service in Naples, entered Sunshine Blvd. while driving his companies’ 2003 Toyota Corolla and hit the left driver’s door area of an oncoming truck.

Alvarez was observed having trouble standing, and the deputy smelled alcohol on him. A witness, who chose to remain anonymous, told the deputy he had seen Alvarez throw what looked like a beer bottle under a nearby car.

The deputy told Alvarez he was done with the crash investigation and would begin to investigate him for impairment. A communications specialist helped the deputy and translated in Spanish instructions to Alvarez via telephone. Alvarez agreed to do exercises that would allow the deputy to determine whether he was impaired or not.

Alvarez followed all of the exercise instructions he was given by the deputies. Based on what the deputy on scene observed — trouble maintaining focus, body swaying, trouble remembering instructions and performing instructions not as told — the deputy determined Alvarez-Barillas was impaired, and the deputy arrested Alvarez.

The deputy placed Alvarez in a patrol truck and found a liquor bottle at the scene and took it as evidence to compare to Alvarez’s fingerprints. Alvarez denied the bottle belonged to him.

The deputy smelled mint on Alvarez when he spoke to him and also found a toothpaste cap on the ground at the scene. The deputy found a toiletry kit in the car Alvarez drove. In it, the deputy found a small tube of toothpaste missing its cap.

Alvarez was taken to Naples Jail Center. There, he agreed to take a breath test. He gave two samples that registered .097 and .099. In the breath testing room, Alvarez told the deputy he had three drinks earlier at home.

Alvarez faces charges for DUI and two counts of DUI With Property Damage for damage on the taxi car and the damage to the other truck the taxi hit.

Alvarez was able to post a $5,000 bond and is out of jail.

Reporter:Morgan Rynor
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