Sunsplash Water Park in Cape Coral reopens this weekend; now serving alcohol

On Saturday, Sunsplash Water Park reopens to the public, and a controversial change has been made that now allows visitors 21 and up to drink alcohol.

Lots of planning and training has been provided to employees to help deal with the alcohol  consumption by visitors, like how to spot any drinking that is getting out of hand. The Mayor of Cape Coral likened the training to the way employees at Disney World are trained.

Park officials say beer, wine, and smoothies will be available to guests, but there is a two drink maximum that will be heavily enforced. Despite the limits on drinks, some parents aren’t on board with the new alcohol rule.

“Absolutely not, the park is for the children, let the adults go to the bar,” said Patricia Gottschalk, who lives in Cape Coral.

But other don’t see an issue with it.

“I’m not concerned about it, the majority of parents particularly the type of people who are going to invest their time and money and take their kids to a place like Sunsplash…they’re responsible.”

Despite how some may feel about the new rule, the park plans to open on Saturday, and the new Tiki Bar will be serving drinks.

The city spent thousands on the licensing to provide alcohol to guests, but officials expect close to $90K worth of revenue to be brought in.






Reporter:Brooke Shafer
Writer:Lincoln Saunders
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