Fort Myers Beach council to discuss kiddie pool repairs

Safety concerns at the Fort Myers Beach kiddie pool have caused it to be shut down, and the town is looking to get the repairs started as soon as possible.

Fort Myers Mayor, Tracey Gore says she wants to get this project expedited before school lets out for the summer, because it is a popular place that kids rely on, and it is a major source of revenue for the city.

Mayor Gore says having the pool closed til Fall is not an option.

“The pool did have some safety issues so we had to take it down. It’s just for public safety it’s for the kids to have something to do over the summer time. We don’t want to shut our pool down during the summer time. That’s why were looking at doing an emergency repair,” Gore said.

The cost of the repair is going to be close to $130,000, which will come from a budget the town says they already have.

The town meeting to discuss the expedition of the project is taking place Monday morning at 9 a.m.. If it is approved, the project is expected to be finished in May.




Reporter:Nicole Lauren
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