Dunbar sludge removal finally complete

The day has finally come in Dunbar.

Crews have finished digging up and removing sludge at the South Street site in the community.

Homeowner Nicole Dillon says it’s about time, “That’s a relief for everyone we’re not inhaling the stuff.”

The City of Fort Myers is now doing a few more tests in the area and will then move on to the next step – figuring out what to do with this huge plot of land.

Theresa Cannady lives across the street and she says we need something that will keep the kids out of trouble. “The kids over here don’t really have anywhere to go and play, but give them something to do. Give them a basketball court or something they can go inside and play basketball and stuff like that,” she said.

City officials tell WINK News a multi-use park like Cannady wants is a real possibility, but first they want to hear from everyone in the neighborhood before finalizing a decision.

At the end of the day, the City promises something beautiful that everyone can enjoy.

The DEP said, after testing of the dirt, they’ll decide if excavation is officially done.

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