Three people jump in a canal to save 77-year old from a sinking car

Three people have been labeled heroes after pulling a 77-year-old man out of a car that plunged into a canal.

The incident happened along Tarpon Bay Boulevard at Spanish Oaks Lane in North Naples, on Thursday.

The car was filling up with water when the three made the decision to jump in and rescue the driver.

“We debated breaking the window, but Simon went into the water and knew the guy was conscious and we kinda waiting for him for a minute,” said June Smith, who helped with the rescue.

Simon Dixon and June Smith say the driver was speeding down Tarpon Bay Wednesday afternoon, when he lost control of his car, hit the railing, and went airborne into the water.

His rescuers say they just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

“We’re not heroes were just doing what God wants us to do,” said Dixon.

Collier County Sheriff’s Deputies say the man was rushed to the hospital to receive treatment.



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