Collier County commissioners nix storm-water fee proposal

The people in Collier County can keep the money in their pockets. Commissioners voted against further discussion of a water system maintenance fee.

Homeowners like Tim Akhundov are happy, but still frustrated it took months and multiple meetings for commissioners to see their side.

“As the results illustrated they finally started listening to what people think and I’m glad to see it,” Akhundov said.

How maintenance will be funded will be a topic of discussion at the next budget meeting. District 4 Commissioner Penny Taylor said they would strictly talk about ways to support maintenance plans, not capital improvement plans.

While the discussion will continue in a different angle, for now, homeowners see this as a victory.

The fee imposed on homeowners would have been $75 a year. It would have cost people in condominiums about $51 a year.

For Rae Burton that was too much. She said a lot was at stake.

“Don’t take that much out of our pocket,” Burton said. “We can only pay so much. My concern is I’m on a fixed income. I’m still paying a mortgage.”

Fifteen people signed up to voice their thoughts.

Akhundov said without the community being so involved, the outcome may have been different.


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