Spring break security seeks to prevent Fort Myers Beach mischief

The crowds at Fort Myers Beach are about to get even bigger as spring break season is almost here. Thousands of college and high school students from across the country will descend on the beach for sun and fun.

But last year, it got rowdy. Two spring breakers started dancing on the hood of a parked cruiser and once investigators arrived, about 100 people created a stampede.

“We leave when it really gets started,” said Jean Stopczynski, who is visiting from Indiana.

Stopczynski and her twin sister, Jan Hershberger, have been coming to the island for years.

“This is about our 20th time here,” said Hershberger, who also lives in Indiana. “This is a girl’s trip. We come the 8th week every year.”

They are usually gone by the time thousands of young people make their way to Fort Myers Beach for a week of fun. Businesses on the beach said the spring break season typically starts in the beginning of March, continuing until Easter, which is on April 21 this year.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office is hoping to prevent the chaos that finds its way to the beach like last year.

Observation towers will sit on the beach this season. They will give Deputies a bird’s eye view over the soon-to-be packed shoreline below.

The towers have been a presence on the island since last month’s deadly stabbing at the library. They are equipped with cameras to catch any spring break mischief. The LCSO has not said how long the observation towers will stay up.

As for Stopczynski, she supports those moves to make the beach safer.

“You want to feel safe all the time, and with kids, people having children and stuff,” Stopczynski said. “It’s a really good idea.”

Reporter:Taylor Petras
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