Sprouts Farmers Market opens east of I-75 in Collier County

A new supermarket just sprouted up in Collier County.

“Sprouts” opened east of I-75, which is something shoppers aren’t used to, and it showed Wednesday, with location being a big draw.

Shoppers lined up early in the morning to be one of the first people inside the new “farmer’s market” at the intersection of Logan Boulevard N. and Immokalee Road.

Most people on the east side of the interstate had to travel at least 20-minutes to find a place to shop. And that’s without factoring in extra time spent in traffic.

Almost everyone we spoke to today said they’re looking forward to that part of their routine being a thing of the past.

Shoppers packed the aisles with carts full of groceries.

“This is the best thing since whole foods came on this side of town,” said shopper Linda Denton. “Very important because otherwise you have to drive across town and with traffic sometimes see you just think it’s not worth it but it really is.”

The nearest grocery stores similar to Sprouts are Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, both about 15 minutes away, and west.

Having options close to home impacts most people in the area, and some are now changing their shopping habits.

Debra Lippe said, “It’s fantastic. That’s all I can say. It’s absolutely fantastic. You don’t have to go in 20 or 30 miles it’s just right down the road.”

There were upwards of 280 people waiting in line for opening Wednesday, so the excitement is definitely in the air.

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