Punta Gorda council considering to build sound barriers around pickleball courts

A heavy topic surrounding the Punta Gorda community is how to stop the noise coming from the pickleball courts.

“The City Council is like a parent with two different kids, one is quiet and likes reading, and the other one likes running and making noise,” said Punta Gorda resident Riccardo Deller. “You don’t kick one out just because they are not satisfied.”

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Neighbors packed the Punta Gorda City Council meeting Wednesday morning to debate buying a sound barrier for the courts. Out of three options provided by the city, the council voted to put out a bid to purchase two walls of acoustic material to add to the courts. The cost could be $32,000. The city plans to use the one percent local sales tax to pay for it.

“Anything to keep up playing here, I feel like,” said Punta Gorda resident and pickleball player Caleb Strong.

But some neighbors say the decision on what happens to the courts should be decided b the pickleball committee.

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“Until the committee comes back with facts for us to assimilate, we really have no choice,” said Punta Gorda City Council member Debby Carrie.

The sales tax would also impact non-pickleball players, who say the sound barrier is something the city should have taken care of a long time ago.

“I didn’t know why they didn’t do it before,” said Punta Gorda resident Michael Perkins. “It only makes sense.”

Neighbors are hoping to see some kind of resolution soon.

Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
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