Police neglect speeding along Bonita Beach Rd., neighbors say

Neighbors are irate over vehicles speeding down their street as they describe it as a danger zone.

Gene Imhoff is sick and tired of dealing with it everyday along Bonita Beach Rd.

“You got to lower the speed limit and start policing it,” Imhoff said. “Get some people out here to give a ticket every once in a while to these idiots that are driving up and down here way too fast and out of control.”

His neighbor, Peter Rinaldi, feels the road has become too dangerous to walk or ride a bike. The Bonita Springs man fears getting struck by a passing vehicle.

“I think lowering the speed to 30 miles per hour would probably be the best,” Rinaldi said.

Both men said over the past 15 years, they have seen their fair share of accidents along the roadway. In the past few weeks, two crashes resulted in people dying. They believe county officials need to make changes to the roadway, now!

“I’ve been up and down this road a thousand times,” Imhoff said. “I’ve never seen a policeman give a ticket.”

“What they could do is put up one of those flashing light mechanisms that registers your speed as you go by,” Rinaldi said.

WINK News asked Lee County what it plans to do about the deadly stretch of road. A spokesperson sent the following statement:

“Lee County (department of transportation) DOT routinely receives law enforcement reports to evaluate factors involved in crashes on our roadways.”

Both men just hope the timeline for changes speeds up to prevent future fatalities along Bonita Beach Rd.

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