Naples protesters rally against Trump’s national emergency

On Monday, people gathered to protest President Donald Trump’s national emergency over border security on President’s Day, in Naples.

One protester said a national emergency for this is unconstitutional.

“We’ve got a lot of other things in our country to clean up besides a border wall,” said the protester.

The president declared the national emergency Friday, and people who oppose his decision want their voices heard.

Barbar Gregory is with an advocacy group in Collier County, who helped organize the rally against the national emergency.

“I think what’s going on in the country, and it’s very serious and very dangerous, and I’m not sure; I’m not sure what that is,” Gregory said. “People are no longer being heard. It’s all about special interest, who’s got the biggest dough, and that’s wrong”

There are neighbors in Naples who told WINK News they support the border wall. They said it will help promote a secure and safe border.

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