Luis A. Camacho, 25

Motorcyclist arrested in North Port, accused of taunting police, reckless driving

Over the past several weeks, the North Port Police Department say they have worked to stop a white Honda motorcycle many times for reckless driving.

Each time, the driver has concealed his tag and fled from officers speeding away.

Police say the driver made a game out of this, often taunting police to chase him and now they’re saying “GAME OVER”.

On Friday, North Port police along with other officers tracked the driver down. He resisted and took off on foot, but was ultimately caught. Luis A. Camacho, 25, faces several felony charges including resisting arrest.

Police say in a release: It’s “a heads up to all non-law-abiding motorcyclist; we will be patient, we will find you, and we will eventually arrest you. We appreciate our local riding community and we’re not looking to give anyone who is following the rules of the road a hard time. However, if you are endangering the public, we will keep our streets and residents safe. #gameover”

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