Law enforcement warns about potential FPL bill collector scam in SWFL

In a matter of minutes a con artist can take all of your information, and right here in Southwest Florida a man says that almost happened to him.

Collier County Sheriff’s Office and Punta Gorda Police are sending out warnings about the scammers calling pretending to be an electric company.

On Friday, we heard about a scam where a caller claimed to be from Florida Power and Light was was asking people to pay an electric bill.

“So I got a call from FPL and they said I had it was like two hours to pay my bill,” said Jeff, who is a FPL customer.

“I was like I have to go to my bank, I have to get cash out, I have to, you know I have to pay this bill so this store has electricity to run on.”

He then checked his FPL account and discovered everything was up to date with his bills.

“So I called my bank and my bank was like this seems like fraud or a scam,” said Jeff.

But it’s not just businesses receiving these calls, police are warning everyone to be cautious about these types of scams.

“When a situation like this arises, i think it’s important for everyone to know about things like this that are going on so they can nip it in the butt when it happens,” said Jeff.


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