Authorities crackdown on drivers without insurance

Several law enforcement agencies want to make sure motorists are not stuck with an expensive bill if a driver without car insurance hits their vehicle.

Karl Kendrick said he had been riding motorcycles since he was 17-years-old. One of his fears is getting hit by a driver who does not have insurance.

“If I get hit and fall down it’s on me,”┬áKendrick said. “And then the person that hit me they get away with it.”

“You’d feel very sorry for the family of that person was hurt because they’re going to go through a lot of expense,” said Sharon Diersing, a motorist.

Just this week, Cape Coral Police teamed up with several agencies across the state to conduct random traffic stops to see who did and did not have insurance.

“There was one that was a criminal violation of insurance basically providing fraudulent insurance card to the officer,” said Allan Kolak, a master sergeant at Cape Coral Police Dept. “Other violations were for insurance-related either not having insurance or not having proof of insurance that type of thing.”

It is against the law to drive without insurance and Kolak said we all pay the price. If caught, the repercussions range from small fines to felony charges for repeat offenders.

The Insurance Research Council said one of eight drivers on the road does not have insurance. Florida leads the nation for uninsured drivers.

Marsha Stack, a lead sales agent with Direct Auto & Life Insurance, said he sees the impact. Claims involving uninsured motorist top $2.5 billion nationwide.

“They should have insurance because they are financially responsible for the injuries they cause should they be found liable for an auto accident,”┬áStack said.

Writer:Michael Mora
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