Mugshot of Travyon Campbell. (FMPD photo)
Mugshot of Travyon Campbell. (FMPD photo)

Arrest made in Fort Myers High School shooting threat

An arrest has been made by Fort Myers police in regards to a threat to shoot up a high school by a student via text messages.

The suspect, Travyon Campbell, 17, has been given felony charges of Written Threats to Kill, Do Bodily Injury, Conduct a Mass Shooting and Possession of Weapon on School Grounds.

According to FMPD, during a Fort Myers High School basketball game on Wednesday evening, a FMPD School Resource Officer became aware of threatening text messages.

The messages were being sent by Campbell, stating that he would shoot a certain individual and also shoot up Fort Myers High School.

Law enforcement searched for Campbell through the night but were unsuccessful in locating him.

Extra FMPD officers were sent to Fort Myers High School this morning and Campbell was arrested without incident. Additional patrols were placed for the remainder of the school day.

Campbell has been transported to the Juvenile Assessment Center of Lee County.

Writer:Lincoln Saunders
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