Extensive security measures in place one year after school mass shooting

Thursday will mark a year since a shooter gunned down 17 innocent people at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

“I was devastated and I was paralyzed,” said Lorri Rioux, a School District of Lee County teacher. “I didn’t know what to say or what to do.”

Parkland students flee the school as a mass shooting takes place. (WINK News photo)
Parkland students flee the school as a mass shooting takes place. (WINK News photo)

Rioux lived in Parkland for 22 years, where her daughter graduated from Stoneman Douglas.

“We have double the amount of lockdowns and we have a wonderful program where we have volunteers to walk up and down the hallway to make sure the doors are locked,” said Rioux on the changes in school safety protocol. “We only have one main entrance.”

The School District of Lee County said over the past year they have worked to increase security. The district has partnered with law enforcement to develop emergency plans, such as adding policies for violence prevention and intervention, adding staff for mental health safety and having red locks on doors. The red locks mean the door can be lock from the inside.

Rioux said if all that fails, she is ready to be the last line of defense.

“We got your kids,”┬áRioux said. “I love my kids in my class. I would do anything for them. They are 23 little souls and they are the leaders of tomorrow.

“Hug your kids. Tell your kids you love them every day when you walk out that door.”

Reporter:Hannah Vogel
Writer:Michael Mora
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