47 fake student shooting threats in Cape Coral schools

Cape Coral’s police chief gave a powerful message Tuesday as he pushes for an end to the recent surge in school shooting threats across Lee County. It comes as there have been 47 threats against Cape Coral schools in the previous six months.

“We want to protect our kids and we will continue to do so,” Chief David Newlan said. “But we’re asking for your help.”

Cape Coral Police Chief David Newlan. (WINK News photo)
Cape Coral Police Chief David Newlan. (WINK News photo)

The threats, like a recent one that was written on a bathroom wall and another on a toilet, have popped up in schools across the county. Most recently, police have arrested three Cape Coral students.

The latest arrest was a 12-year-old boy at Gulf Middle School. Police said the student wrote a threat to shoot-up his school. Children making these threats may face a second degree felony charge.

The School District of Lee County superintendent called the trend disappointing and frustrating.

“This is serious business,” Dr. Greg Adkins said. “This is not just a school prank. It’s very very serious because people are scared.”

Adkins pointed to an earlier incident this month when a threat kept 1,200 students home from their public school in North Fort Myers.

Now, law enforcement and the school district are turning to parents, asking them for help to curb these reoccurring fake threats.

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