FGCU seeks 17 acres of land for a new research center

A piece of land could be the future spot for students to research a wetlands and water quality campus. It would be an expansion of Florida Gulf Coast University.

Kendall spends his time in east Naples near the proposed site. He has seen a lot of development in recent years, as has Peter DiVincenzo. Both said this could be a much-needed project.

“I think the water quality is getting worse by the year,”¬†DiVincenzo said.

“I’m more in favor because it’s the young people,”¬†Kendall said. “I wouldn’t be as encouraging if I was a developer who is just not gonna care about the environment or what have you.”

Penny Taylor, Collier County Commissioner, said even though it is just the beginning of the conversation, it is important to share what is going on with the people living through the changing landscape.

“The more transparent of what we do and talking about something that so central to Bayshore, so central to the dreams of the folks who have been on Bayshore for so long,” Taylor said, “in the CRA it’s always a win-win to go in a public forum and discuss it.”

Still, Taylor said there is still work to be done, alongside the university, before moving forward on any plans.

“No one is closing the door, but the interest is such a creative idea,” Taylor said. “The interest has been peaked at the CRA level and I think with my commissioners.”

Reporter:Jerrica Valtierra
Writer:Michael Mora