Authorities search for the hit-and-run driver in a head-on collision

A man is on the run after fleeing the scene of a head-on collision Saturday evening.

Those witnessing the horrific incident remember the sound of screeching tires and a loud crash along Estero Boulevard in Fort Myers Beach. A driver in a gold Jeep Cherokee speed out in front of oncoming traffic, crashing into another car head-on.

“He just kept flooring the gas and pushed the car back and just you know swerved through traffic,” said Matthew Meinecke, a witness. “Narrowly missed another car. Just real vicious Like he had nothing to lose.”

Chester Rogers pauses from painting. (WINK News photo)
Chester Rogers pauses from painting. (WINK News photo)

Chester Rogers, who was painting near the intersection where the hit-and-run crash happened, said he had seen his fair share of crashes on the island. He has painted at the same spot for nearly a decade.

“How do people keep doing that stuff?” Rogers said. “Hit and runs, man. Every night. I love the entertainment.”

The driver in the other vehicle was not hurt.

But to those who saw the hit-and-run crash said the suspect driver looks to be a man in his 30’s with long hair and tattoos on his body. They hope justice will be served.

“We need to get this guy in custody,” Meinecke said.

Reporter:Taylor Petras
Writer:Michael Mora