Worries over congestion as Allura apartment project gets approval

The sketches of a north Naples apartment complex are closer to reality Thursday afternoon. It comes despite some upset neighbors voicing their opposition for the 300-unit complex.

Annie-Marie Cadwallader and some of her neighbors do not agree with Collier County’s Planning and Zoning Commission four to two vote in favor of the “Allura” apartment project.

“We understand that their a business and they care about their bottom line,”¬†Cadwallader said. “It’s more economical for them to build four story buildings, but we live there.”

The developer did agree to cut the number of units from 350 to 304. The complex located near the intersection of Livingston Road and Veterans Memorial Parkway’s scheduled to be four stories high.

“I’m comfortable once we sit down with the neighbors that they’ll realize this is really a good project that’s not going to hurt their property values,”¬†said Rich Yovanovich, council for project management, “and not effect their quality of life.”

But neighbors are concerned for the impact hundreds of additional vehicles would create on already congested roads.

“Quite often there will be a backup on Livingston from Bonita Beach and that traffic stops any of the fire engines and EMS from getting out of that fire station because it’s right in front of the fire station many times,” said Don McDaniel, a neighbor.

“We’re still opposed,”¬†Cadwallader said.

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