TSA agent dead after jumping from balcony inside Orlando International Airport, police say

A Transportation Security Administration agent is dead after he jumped from a balcony in the Hyatt Regency Hotel at the Orlando International Airport, according to officials from the Orlando Police Department.

In a tweet, OPD officials said the man jumped into the atrium area of the airport Saturday morning. A statement from TSA officials said he fell, though they also said that it will be up to law enforcement to officially determine the cause of death.

OIA spokeswoman Carolyn Fennell said the man jumped from a floor just above the east security checkpoint. Because of that, some passengers may have gotten through the checkpoint without being screened.

All passengers at gates 70-129 will be rescreened and there may be delays in the process, according to Fennell. Flights arriving to those gates may also be delayed. The Federal Aviation Administration’s website states that departing flights may also be delayed.

TSA officials said they will be working with police and the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority to return airport operations to normal.

Crowds of people, outlined by neon yellow police tape, were seen waiting to get through the security checkpoint.

The rest of the airport is functioning normally. Police are asking passengers to be patient with airport staff as they work through the incident.

This story was is originally published by CBS affiliate Click Orlando.

Author: CLICK Orlando
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