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Golden Gate homeowner worried about temporary power line in backyard

Parents in Collier County say a powerline in a neighborhood with kids is the power company’s fault, and it’s not long until someone gets hurt. A neighbor’s car crashed into a power pole here a few months ago. The parents told WINK News, Florida Power & Light came and set up a temporary line in their backyard, and it’s been there ever since — right near where their 6-year-old son plays.

However, FPL says the line is an insulated line and not a live wire.

Nathan Erbes in Golden Gate Estates said FPL connected about 100 feet of wire from a power panel outside his home to a power pole in his back yard. It was supposed to be temporary, but it is still at his family’s home Friday.

“I would say that this is very severe, I mean urgent,” Nathan Erbes said. “Not only is it deadly, it’s a big fire hazard.”

More than four months after a car accident caused the utility problem, the wire still snakes through the grass in Erbes’ yard.

“This is very dangerous,” Erbes said. “It runs right next to our 6-year-old’s swing set, and we’ve been having him avoid it.”

Erbes said it’s a huge safety concern for his family.

“They took the wire out of the protective sleeving out of the back side,” Erbes said. “If a little of that black is missing, you touch it, that’s it, there’s no coming back.”

FPL initially told WINK News it is aware of the safety hazard at Erbes’ home. FPL also said repairs are scheduled for Feb. 15.

On Jan. 26, FPL said they’re heading out to inspect the issue, reiterating it’s an insulated line and you wouldn’t get hurt if you touched it. They also said repairs at the home should be completed next week.

FPL told WINK News that people should be cautious if they do see a downed wire, however. They should not touch it because you can never be 100-percent sure that a line is not hot or insulated, so best never to touch a downed wire.

“I would hope mine is the only one like this,” Erbes said. “I hope there’s not others like this.”

CLARIFICATION: An earlier version of this story said the wire was a live wire. FPL has since confirmed the wire is in fact insulated and not a live wire.

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